15 questions

15 Questions

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Photo by oberazi (Access: 28.09.2009)

Short description

The goal of this activity is for the participant to guess the name of an object that the group has chosen.

Process description

  1. Participants are sitting in a circle. One person leaves the room.

  2. The group picks an object in the room (e.g., a lamp, someone’s shirt, the window).

  3. The person who had left the room is asked to come back in. He or she now has to try to find which object the group has chosen by asking up to 15 questions.

  4. Groups members can only respond with yes or no. The number of questions asked is written down.

  5. After the person has guessed the object, he or she can name the person whose turn is next.

Required resources



Sample questions:

  • Is the object in this side of the room?

  • Is it made of metal?

  • Is it bigger than … ?

  • Is it green?


The number of questions allowed can be changed depending on the available time and the age of participants.