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Image by vectorfunk (Access: 15.12.2009)

Short description

Videobridge is about affordable, interactive group communication possibilities by high quality video links - specifically for rural and remote learners.

Process description

The VideoBridge project aims to realize permanently available cheap group communication possibilities, preferably live and in both directions with high quality video/audiostreams via the internet.

The term "videobridge" instead of "videoconferencing" signifies that there is something happening at local scale, which we are simply enhancing (or enabling) by a "bridge" (while a videoconference is primarily an event in virtual space).

Required resources

  • Computers

  • Cameras

  • Sound Systems

  • Projectors

  • Microphones

  • Mixers


Streaming, Sharing and Learning (SSL) – The options for and the use of Interactive Digital Video over long distances in adult education.

Grundtvig Workshop in Vienna, January 2010 - Applications welcome!