Course SWOT

Course SWOT

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Short description

The course SWOT gives the facilitator opportunity to get the essential information about the course and the participants' feelings, attitudes and opinions. Knowing this, the facilitator can improve his/her materials and ensure the success of learners in the online course. The activity can be useful whenever the facilitator wants to receive some feedback on the course materials, activities, resources, assignments, etc.

Process description

  1. The facilitator sends emails with the information about the activity.

  2. Learners are divided into groups of four.

  3. Learners in each of the groups work together to identify Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats to their success in the course (analyzing a chosen element of the course).

  4. Each of the groups posts their SWOT analysis to the discussion forum.

  5. The facilitator comments on the results of the activity and/or can initiate discussion of all participants.

Required resources

discussion forum (if it's online)


Although some feedback can be negative, the facilitator should motivate learners to use constructive criticism while preparing SWOT analysis.


SWOT analysis can be used for any course or workshop, not only online, as well as other activities. (Robert Brenstein)