Mini-case studies

Mini-case studies

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Short description

Case studies provide relevant, meaningful experiences in which learners can discover and abstract useful concepts and principles. In mini-case studies you can provide realistic, real-world experience by presenting a series of concise but complete examples.

Process description

  1. Start with a statement of the situation.

  2. Introduce any characters, objects, or organization of importance.

  3. Spell out crucial relationship among them.

  4. Alternate questions and answers about the situation.

  5. Questions should require the learner to carefully examine the situation, infer facts not stated, apply principles, and deduce conclusions.

  6. Pose some additional questions to learners.

  7. Learners should post their answers in the discussion forum.

Required resources

access to a discussion forum


Learners can also make up their own mini-case studies and submit them to a discussion forum so that other learners could comment on the ideas.

Activity description was prepared on the basis of W. Horton's "E-learning by design".